Technics ‘digital’ SU-R1000 amplifier


Technics will soon release the ‘digital’ SU-R1000 integrated amplifier, in which the digital part consists of a DAC, among other things.

Technics’ brand new SU-R1000 integrated amplifier looks classic. But make no mistake: under the bonnet, new technology is present! For example, it features Active Distortion Cancelling Technology, which is designed to prevent distortion in the output stage. Such distortions are caused, for example, by a struggling power supply or electromotive effects caused by connected speakers.

For the power supply, by the way, four independent ones are used. This not only ensures an excellent channel separation, but of course also a good load capacity. There is also a phono preamplifier built in for enthusiasts, where the correction is handled by a digital filter. There is a precise tuning of the equalizer curve possible; Technics even supplies a calibration plate.


As promised, the new Technics SU-R1000 is also digital. The basis is formed by a jitter-elimination circuit from their own R&D-department. A battery buffered clock and more beautiful stuff is there to be found. Toslink, coax as well as USB inputs are at your disposal. The amplifier is dividable via Pre-Out/Main-in, including an additional pair of Rec-Out/Rec-in connectors. You can also connect two speaker pairs to the SU-R1000. Available from November this year for an amount of €7309.95

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