Teufel introduces smartspeakers HOLIST S and HOLIST M


Teufel introduces the HOLIST S and HOLIST M smart-speakers, integrated with Amazon Alexa and available in two different sizes.

Teufel’s new HOLIST speakers combine intelligent voice control from Amazon Alexa and the best Teufel sound, the manufacturer announces. Available in two different sizes, these smart speakers are also capable of filling medium-sized to large rooms with 360-degree audio.

Holist: Simply smart

With Teufel’s smart speakers HOLIST S and HOLIST M, you can listen to hi-fi sound in any room and access the virtually unlimited possibilities of the cloud-based voice service Amazon Alexa. For example, users can ask Alexa to set a timer, convert units, explain things, retrieve messages, operate smart home devices and tell a joke,” says Teufel.

In addition, you can access favourite content thanks to direct access to streaming services such as Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple Music. With the free HOLIST app for Android and iOS, it is also possible to play music through a HOLIST speaker via Napster, Tidal and TuneIn.

Surrounded by 360-degree sound

The press release on the new smart speakers continues: The powerful sound characteristic of Teufel is produced in the HOLIST S by three passive bass membranes, an active subwoofer and a wideband speaker radiating upwards against a reflector. The reflector directs sound horizontally in all directions, creating the same sound impression throughout the room. The significantly larger HOLIST M does the same, but is built as a 3-channel system with a tweeter, midrange driver and subwoofer.

The HOLIST M also features a front-facing wideband speaker. Thanks to these additional drivers, in addition to the 360-degree sound, the speaker also offers ‘Wide’ and ‘Direct’ sound modes for listeners sitting directly in front of the device. The ‘Wide’ mode offers a particularly spacious sound, while the ‘Direct’ mode is ideal for spoken content such as audio books, radio, podcasts and the radio news. The mode can be selected with a switch at the bottom of the smartspeaker’.

Control with voice instructions, an app or buttons

Both of Teufel’s HOLIST models have buttons on the top for controlling playback (previous/next track, play/pause and volume). These are complemented by sensor buttons to mute the microphone sound and switch between the bluetooth and AUX inputs. The free HOLIST app for iOS and Android offers browsers for the TuneIn, Tidal and Napster services and the ability to stream music files stored directly on the smartphone or tablet. The app can also be used as a remote control to adjust the volume and select the sound source. However, the fastest results are obtained with spoken instructions.

At a glance

For convenience, all the facts in a nutshell:

  • HOLIST S and HOLIST M: two hi-fi smart speakers with Amazon Alexa-based voice control
  • 360-degree sound thanks to Dynamore technology for optimum sound in any position in the room
  • Bluetooth with aptX for wireless transfer of music from any audio source in CD quality
  • Extensive control and streaming functions in the Teufel HOLIST app with support for Spotify, Tidal, Napster and TuneIn
  • Two HD microphones (HOLIST S) or four HD microphones (HOLIST M) for reliable intelligibility of speech instructions from all directions
  • Control buttons on the device for displaying, volume, selecting the inputs and muting the microphones
  • A high quality, easy to clean fabric speaker grillLine
    in for a CD player or turntable with preamplifier
  • HOLIST S: 22.5 cm high, 14.3 cm wide, 1.6 kg heavy
  • HOLIST M: 40 cm high, 27 cm wide, 6.6 kg heavy

Both smart speakers are immediately available in a white or black version via www.teufelaudio.nl and in the Teufel store. The HOLIST S is available for a price of 249.99 euros*. The price of the HOLIST M is 499.99 euros*.


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