Alpha Audio launches Hifi Sample Database

The regular readers of Alpha Audio have undoubtedly seen the ‘Pure Music’ videos and links to the lossless music samples in the articles. These samples make it possible to ‘experience’ and compare hifi-devices. Alpha Audio has now opened this database to all readers. And from now on you can also log in directly via the Single Sign On system that was implemented earlier this week.

Hifi is an experience. And that means it would be great to be able to actually hear the stuff we are talking about… Visiting shows is one option. A visit to the dealer is another option. But there is not always the possibility to compare gear directly. So… what are the differences between A and B? Or D, E and F? And that is often what we are looking for: a direct comparison.

At Alpha Audio we want to record as many devices as possible in our listening room, so that it is ultimately possible to compare countless devices directly with each other. As a reader, you can simply search the database for the devices you want to compare and then either play them directly in the browser, or download the files and play them on your system (preferably on good headphones).

Logging into this database is very easy. If you are logged into Alpha Audio (.nl or .net, or both), you go to the online database: There you click on Single Sign In and that’s it: you are logged in.

First login

Now, when you log in for the first time, you will need to build the audio library. This can be done with just a few clicks. You can see how it works in the the video. If there is an update in the library, you will be notified in the top right corner, after which you can perform a new scan of the added files (cogwheel in the bottom right corner, scan library).

Alpha Audio Sample Database

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