Apple TV also to Xbox game console?

Apple TV

It strongly seems that Apple TV will become available as an app for the Xbox game console in the not too distant future.

The game console of today is no longer just a thing to play games with. In fact, it is much more a kind of entertainment center. For example, you stream all kinds of online content with it. Some consoles even have a Blu-ray player. And what they all have in common is an Internet connection. And a processor that is more than strong enough to watch movies, streamed from an online service. Apple seems to want to grab a piece of this gaming market. The Apple TV app is currently being tested on Microsoft’s Xbox game console.

In time for new Xbox

Chances are that Apple’s app for streaming video will be ready just in time for the launch of the new Xbox Series X. The affordable Apple TV is slowly but surely being filled with largely manufacturer made productions. Think of unique TV series, movies, documentaries and mor.e Although the platform is getting up to speed pretty slowly, what’s being released does exude quality. Quality versus quantity seems to be the clear motto here.

Whether it can and will become a formidable competitor to established names such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video? Time will tell.

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