AudioQuest presents new HDMI cables


AudioQuest announces a new range of HDMI cables, some of which include enhancements to its existing range.

The improved AudioQuest HDMI cables (including Pearl and Forest, for example) are recognizable by the addition of 48. That number does not come out of the blue, of course. It is a reference to the bandwidth of the cable: 48 GB/s. With the increasingly higher resolutions and more network functions of such cables no superfluous luxury. At the same time, Audioquest has also released a number of completely new cables.

Truly new: Blueberry and Dragon 48

So there is the entry-level BlueBerry. This cable has a price tag of, for example, €27.50 for 60 cm length. At the most expensive end, there is the new AudioQuest Dragon 48 of also 60 cm. This cable has a price tag of… €2099. In short: Audioquest has a cable for everyone.

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