BenQ presents smart beamers with Android TV


BenQ has released a series of smart beamers with Android TV and support for Apple AirPlay.

Top models in BenQ’s new ‘smart’ beamer series are the 4K-capable W2700i (see image above) and TK850i, both with the same price tag of £1579 British Pounds. The TK850i is intended for general use in rooms with switched on lights. For this purpose, a light intensity of 3000 ANSI lumens is used. HDR and the ability to quickly adjust brightness ensure an always pleasant image, with a according to the manufacturer dynamic contrast value of 30.000 : 1.

The 2000 ANSI lumens 2700i is aimed at film fans, who often watch in a more darkened environment. This BenQ also has its own CinematicColor for an even better and more accurate color range.


For gamers there is the BenQ TH685i. It does not project a 4K image (can downscale 4K though) but Full HD. On the other hand, it is a low lag beamer, according to the specs 8.3 ms at 120Hz refresh rate. There are also several gaming profiles available to choose from. HDR is supported, while the ‘light power’ is 3500 ANSI lumens. By the way, this gaming variant is the cheapest of the new trio; you pay £759 for it. As promised, all newcomers to BenQ have Android TV (hopefully with at least security updates for a long time to come) and support for Apple’s AirPlay.

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