Braun speakers available from November


Braun brings an illustrious trio of speakers from the past back into the present, equipped with modern technology and connectivity.

Last summer, we already reported that Braun – via Pure – will enter the loudspeaker market again. That has now led to three concrete products, which will be available from 11 November. They all look in terms of design like the LE1 from 1959, now a cult object. The new LE 01, LE 02 and LE 03 are all wireless and multiroom-capable. And as we predicted last year: they are not electro states like the original LE1 was.

Three models

Smallest model in Braun’s new series is the LE 03 with a price tag of €379. With dimensions of 17 x 17 x 8.4 cm this speaker will find a place anywhere. Internally you will find two active drivers, as well as two passive bass radiators. The LE 03 is a mono speaker as standard, but nothing prevents you from pairing two as a stereo configuration.

The LE 02 (€799) is a big step larger (48 x 17 x 84 cm), but on the other hand it can be used as a stand-alone stereo speaker. But again, you could opt for a pair, where each speaker functions as a mono copy.

Top model is the Braun LE 01, for which you have to pay €1199. This firmly established speaker can produce stereo sound on its own, or you can add one for an extra wide stereo. A modular stand system is available for all models. This allows you to place them all – if desired – at ear height. On the website of Braun Audio you will find all three newcomers!

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