Canton Reference Check Vol. I cd and LP


If you want to get a good feel for your hi-fi system, a reference source is very handy. You can use Canton’s new Reference Check Vol. I CD or LP for that.

Sound carriers containing a collection of different music styles, with particular attention to the recording is very popular with audiophiles. With such basic material a hi-fi installation can be judged. Canton has both a CD and LP with such reference tracks released: the Reference Check Vol. I. You will find a mix of music on it, divided over different tracks. Twelve in total to be precise, from classical via blues and jazz to electronic. From well-known musicians, think of names like Miles Davis, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Charlie Antolini.


Check out exactly what your CD player or turntable is capable of in combination with the equipment behind it. The price of the discs is not that bad. You pay €25 for the Canton Reference Check Vol. I CD. The LP is available for €33. And oh well, apart from the fact that this is a ‘measuring source’, there is of course just some interesting music on it where just that little bit more attention has been paid to recording and production concerning the sound quality.

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