Crystal Cable, a look behind the scenes

Crystal Cable

D&D Audio drew our (and other subscribers to his newsletter) attention to a nice look behind the scenes at Crystal Cable.

Do you want to know more about the philosophy and methods of Crystal Cable, then Soundstage has produced a nice video about the cable manufacturer, D&D Audio lets you know. See how the cables are designed and manufactured. And hear how designers talk about their philosophy and drive what ‘t achieve that ultimate sound is.

CEO Robert Winterhoff, technical director Edwin Rynveld and operational manager Viktor de Leeuw speak. Besides cables, they also talk about the Arabesque, Arabesque Mini and Minissimo loudspeakers, not to mention the CCI amplifier. Nice to learn and vermaeck.

Tough times

…because TwentyTwenty has become something completely different than we all expected or hoped for

Of course, D&D is also seeing the consequences of the increasingly protracted corona crisis:

Remember one of our newsletters at the beginning of 2020? “We can’t wait to see what that futuristic year will bring us?” We are a bit sorry about that somewhat daring challenge towards the universe, because TwentyTwenty has become something quite different from what we all expected or hoped for.

And that’s something we can only agree with. Next year will also be an exceptional year, with significantly fewer mass events. We are guessing that a large part of the well known large (audio) expo’s – by many organizers hopefully postponed to spring 2021 – will most likely be postponed or adjusted again. So it’s a good thing that there are still newsletters and videos like those about Crystal Audio, and more and more virtual events are being organized. The money you save on expensive holidays, trade fair visits and more can then be spent on nice equipment. Every disadvantage has its advantage!

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