EPOS EXPAND speakerphone certified for Microsoft Teams


EPOS shows that the new EXPAND 80T speakerphone is certified for Microsoft Teams, making it even easier to use with the popular meeting app.

EPOS reports that its new EXPAND 80T speakerphone is certified for Microsoft Teams: ‘EXPAND 80T builds on the features of the EXPAND product line.

This audio solution has been developed specifically for the needs of professionals working together in different workplaces, locations and time zones. Although the emphasis is on medium to large meeting rooms, EXPAND 80T has been added to the portfolio as a solution for meeting rooms of all sizes. This product embodies EPOS’ ambition to make communication with colleagues and customers a matter of plug-and-play. The speakerphone is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms for meetings with up to 7 participants in the room. For larger meetings with 11 or 18 attendees respectively*, users can add up to two expansion microphones – the EXPAND 80 Mic – so they can adapt to the circumstances, while maintaining a professional and stylish meeting table with smart cable management for better performance and greater comfort’.

Beamforming microphones

We read further in the press release: ‘As a modular speakerphone system, the EXPAND 80T is specially designed to bring colleagues indoors and outdoors meeting rooms all over the world together. With six adaptive, beamforming microphones, and DSP that intelligently isolate the human voice from reverberation and disturbing sounds, EXPAND 80T ensures that every participant in the room can be heard, and that external colleagues appear to be sitting at the same table. With its powerful, ultra-low distortion speaker in a unique patent-pending floating speaker box, EXPAND 80T fills the room with excellent sound, providing superior duplex performance for simultaneous speech and natural conversation between participants.


The EXPAND 80T is, as EPOS goes on to say, ‘an upgrade for even better audio performance, as professionals can easily connect to a Microsoft Teams Room via USB-C or via USB or Bluetooth and possibly NFC with Teams on their desktop. At the same time, multi-point connectivity and a simple user interface enable dynamic conferences. Finally, the EXPAND 80T has a dedicated Microsoft Teams button for an intuitive and streamlined experience, e.g. by opening a meeting at the touch of a button.

Small and large meeting rooms

Theis Moerk, Vice President of Product Management, Enterprise Solutions: “The EXPAND 80 series is the perfect complement to our high-quality range of speakerphones and is now suitable for small and large meeting rooms, both for people who use their own laptop and in combination with a Microsoft Teams Room. The EXPAND 80T underlines our ambition to provide professionals with everything they need for optimal productivity and performance. The integration of Microsoft Teams is an essential part of this and provides users with a single tool that allows them to truly focus on their work”

Availability and price

The EPOS EXPAND 80 Series is made of high quality materials and has a compact design in which the cables can be conveniently rolled up. With fabric from the renowned textile company Kvadrat – an international forerunner in the field of design innovation producing high-quality design textiles – users enjoy an excellent sound experience and minimalist aesthetics in their workplace.

  • Availability EXPAND 80T: now availableEXPAND
    80T recommended retail price: € 649
  • Availability EXPAND 80 Mic: Certification in treatmentEXPAND
    80 Mic recommended retail price: € 179

* Certification EXPAND 80 Extension Mic Microsoft Teams still pending

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