EPOS presents new IMPACT 5000 DECT headsets


EPOS introduces the IMPACT SDW D1 USB dongle: a smart portable solution compatible with the EPOS IMPACT 5000 series DECT headsets.

With today’s global developments towards more remote working, the security of audio solutions has never been so relevant to businesses as it is today. That’s why the company today unveils the IMPACT SDW D1 USB dongle – a true plug-and-play solution specifically designed to complement and optimize the brand portfolio of DECT headsets within the IMPACT 5000 series,’ reports EPOS.


Users can use the new dongle together with their favorite IMPACT 5000 headset to improve their mobility by simply connecting it to their PC. Professionals who only have one headset to work somewhere – in the office where Bluetooth is not allowed and from home – can now take their laptop and headset to their desired workstation, wherever it is, without having to carry a base.

What’s more, organizations that adopt a hot-desking strategy can keep desks tidy and flexible for employees to work effectively in busy office environments. Users can switch desks as needed and maintain call quality with a simple gadget that keeps their laptop and headset seamlessly connected. The USB dongle can be purchased separately to upgrade the user’s existing EPOS IMPACT 5000 solution or as a bundle together with the IMPACT SDW 5011, 5031 or 5061.


The IMPACT 5000 series is a range of wireless DECT headsets for modern office professionals with future-proof device flexibility, next-generation communication quality and advanced security for modern working environments. IMPACT 5000 meets the challenges of today’s evolving workplaces by offering a communication tool that meets users’ expectations for usability, security and seamless customer interaction’, we read in the EPOS press release.

User experience

The manufacturer continues: EPOS’ IMPACT series offers an excellent user experience through a portfolio of high-end audio resources for optimal comfort, easy call handling and rich, natural sound – all with reliable, intelligent technologies that filter unwanted noise, enrich the sound and increase efficiency.

Price and availability

The IMPACT SDW D1 USB dongle will be available in Europe and the ANZ region from October 2020.

  • IMPACT SDW D1 USB dongle product availability: October 2020
  • IMPACT SDW D1 USB dongle recommended retail price: € 125
  • IMPACT SDW 5011 bundle recommended retail price: € 299
  • IMPACT SDW 5031 bundle recommended retail price: € 309
  • IMPACT SDW 5061-bundle recommended retail price: € 329

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