Live Multitest – High End Studio monitors

This Sunday – 1-11-2020, 10:00 CET: we’re going to review some of the best studio speakers. Live… for you. In this case we have three sets of high-end studio monitors: the Grimm LS1be, the ATC SCM100A and the Dutch&Dutch 8C. Market leader in this field – PMC – unfortunately renounces participation. We have tried everything, but unfortunately. They don’t think a live recording room is a suitable test room for this type of speakers

We’re going to do this trio test in the live room at Artone Studios. A beautiful room where we can set up each speaker properly and where all the equipment is available for high quality reproduction.

Speaking of equipment, the source is a dCS Rossini with clock. All in all, we estimate this will be a very nice test to do!

The concept is the same: we grab a few nice songs with which we can form a good ‘picture’ of the speaker. Vocal work, complex work, acoustic, electronic… etc. We don’t play all the songs from start to finish, but long enough to get a good picture. You can listen through the stream. And of course ask questions. In this case, make sure you have a beautiful pair of headphones, because this will be level ULTRA we estimate!

See you all on sunday!

Live Trio Test – High End studio monitors

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