Loewe presents audio portfolio music and home theater


Loewe presents a new audio portfolio for demanding music and home cinema fans and is back on the market.

As you may know, it was – not in a positive way – very exciting for the German Loewe, but fortunately the company is steady again and producing at full speed!

The newly released line-up includes smart radios from the Klang s lineup, state-of-the-art solutions for multi-room streaming throughout the home and powerful products for home cinema. “As is typical for Loewe, all audio products combine first-class sound and a unique, distinctive design with a high-quality combination of materials and state-of-the-art technologies,” says the manufacturer.

klang s

There are the new smart radios under the name klang s: ‘The models Loewe klang s3 (see image above) and klang s1 stand for pure music enjoyment and high flexibility.
Klang s3 is a smart speaker system that combines internet radio with a DAB / DAB + tuner and a CD player. Services such as Amazon Music or Spotify Connect are already integrated, as streaming is part of the DNA of the clang s3. The device radiates pure discreteness, but performs impressively with its 60 watt amplifier. With its slim dimensions, the clang s3 fits perfectly in the room, for example as a minimalist solution in smaller living rooms or the home office.

As the most compact member of the family, the clang s1 hardly needs any space and is perfect for enjoying music in smaller spaces such as the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. The equipment includes a brilliant display, 40 watt amplifier, DAB / DAB + and internet radio and extensive streaming functions. As with the Loewe klang s3, Amazon Music and Spotify Connect are already integrated. The brushed aluminium housing is decorated with profiled knobs and an illuminated rotary knob. In short: a perfect symbiosis of attractive aesthetics and ease of use.

Loewe klang mr.

Loewe continues with the introduction of multi-room sound: “With the multiroom speakers klang mr5, klang mr3 and klang mr1, the company is presenting three new sonic masterpieces that spread audio content and music throughout the house. Designed in a conical look and covered in noble acoustic fabric, the speakers’ visual appearance is already superior and elegant. The three loudspeakers also add acoustic highlights: the top-of-the-range clang mr5, for example, supports the high-resolution standard FLAC (192 kHz) and guarantees the highest level of enjoyment, even for demanding hi-fi enthusiasts. With a total music power output of 90 watts, it effortlessly fills larger rooms with sound. The Loewe Klang mr3 delivers 60 watts, making it suitable for medium-sized rooms, while the compact Loewe Klang mr1 with a total music power output of 30 watts is ideal for smaller rooms.

Multiroom platform

The Klang mr speakers are based on the new Loewe multiroom platform and can be used in any combination to enjoy music in any room. They can be controlled very easily via Apple Airplay 2 or Google Cast TM and offer direct access to many popular streaming services. A touchscreen on top of the speakers provides additional options and information about the music being played.

klang bar5 mr and Loewe klang sub5

The smart 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos multiroom soundbar Loewe klang bar5 mr, in combination with the subwoofer klang sub5, ensures a home cinema experience that meets the highest standards, according to the manufacturer:

“With a total music power output of 400 watts, crystal clear and powerful Dolby Atmos sound is guaranteed. The advanced system delivers the best possible audio experience for a wide variety of content. HD music streaming or gaming with multi-channel sound comes into its own with this set. Thanks to a native app and extensive wireless capabilities, all streaming services and technologies such as Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2 are supported. Three HDMI ports, 4K scaling and 4K pass-through leave no wishes unanswered when connecting to UHD players, set-top boxes or game consoles. Loewe’s new multiroom platform makes system expansions easy, as additional mr. speakers can be added to the existing setup in seconds.
In terms of design, too, the clamp bar5 mr with clamp sub5 prove their outstanding qualities. Its clear lines and high-quality materials enrich any interior and are the perfect complement to the new Loewe TV product lines”.

Prices and availability.

All new Loewe audio products will be available from authorised Loewe dealers in the first quarter of 2021. The recommended retail prices for smart radios are €599 for the customer s3 and €399 for the customer s1. The multiroom loudspeakers klang mr5 and klang mr3 are offered at the recommended retail prices of €699 and €499 respectively, while the model klang mr1 is already available for €399. The recommended retail price for the soundbar Loewe bar5 mr including the accompanying clamp sub5 is €1,299.

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