Magnat Transpuls 1000: a real speaker


Magnat released the Transpuls 1000, a speaker that also looks like a real (and solidly build) box.

All those ultramodern speakers often look beautiful, there is no doubt about that. But what if you’re just longing for that time when a speaker still looked just like a speaker? You know: such a rectangular box with drivers and a hole here or there. Does Magnat have a perfectly fitting speaker ready for you: the Transpuls 1000.

This is a classic three-way system with a 26 cm bass driver, a 13.5 cm midrange driver and a horn for the treble. And like a retro-style speaker like Magnat’s, the drivers feature lightweight paper cones. According to Magnat, it provides a frequency range from 22 Hz to 32 kHz, so there’s nothing wrong with that. By the way, the speakers are very efficient with a sensitivity of 92.5 dB/W/m, which means that even a tube amplifier with just a few watts produces some decent pressure.


By the way, as you can see in the picture above, these are oversized speakers that will stand out clearly in the average living room. To be more precise, the speakers are 79 cm high, 38 cm wide, and 28 cm deep. Because the bass reflex outputs are positioned at the front, the Magnat Transpuls 1000s may be placed flush with the wall, according to the manufacturer.

The speaker’s ‘base’ allows it to tilt back about five degrees, which should contribute to good phase linearity. The speakers are available each, so you can make it as beautiful as you like. You pay an amount of €798 for the Magnat Transpuls 1000.

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