Marshall Major IV: 80 hours playing time


The new Marshall Major IV is the new incarnation in the brand’s range of popular headphones. Among other things, wireless charging is possible.

The Marshall Major III was an excellent headphone, but improvements are of course always possible. The Major IV is the concrete embodiment of those improvements. Especially on a technical level things have changed. For example, the headphone is now Bluetooth 5 compatible. The most striking thing about this Marshall is without a doubt the long playing time of no less than 80 hours on a full battery charge.

In addition, rapid charging via USB-C. 15-minute charging guarantees an impressive 15 hours of playing time. For lovers, wireless charging via a separately purchased wireless charger is one of the possibilities. If you are somehow confronted with an empty battery while on the road, you can listen via the supplied cable. Incidentally, the same 3.5 mm connector on the headphones can also be used to let a fellow human being in the vicinity pierce his or her headphones and listen in.

More compact

Living with the Marshall Major IV is, among other things, the ‘kiene button’ with which you can control various functions. Think of pausing or skipping tracks and adjusting the volume. The new folding mechanism makes the headphones even more compact when folded than their predecessors. The new Marshall is now available in stores for £129.

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