Pure portable DAB and web radios


Pure has released three fun DAB and webradio’s, all with a nice price tag and some very convenient portability. 

Although the kill of the FM-based radio has been postponed for another ten years, there is plenty to do in the DAB-space. And so a portable radio that can handle both DAB (+) and FM comes in handy. Pure has released three new, compact portables that offer at least those possibilities. The cheapest model is the Pure Elan DAB+ a £39.99 model. This is indeed a DAB+/FM radio pur sang, with the added bonus that it can also function as a Bluetooth speaker.


The Pure Elan Connect (£69.99) and Connect+ (£89.99) go one step further. In addition to DAB+ and FM, web radio is also provided here. Of course this requires a Wifi connection. This can be done at home via your wireless home network and on the go via ‘tethering’ via your smartphone. In that case, you share your mobile internet with the Pure-radio.

The Pure Elan Connect+ is a stereo model with two speakers and a 2 x 3 Watt amplifier. The ‘regular’ Connect model is a model with one speaker on board. All radios run on 4 AA batteries or via a USB cable. They also all have a headphone jack. You can choose from stone gray or charcoal colors.

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