Shure presents three new Aonic in-ears


Shure has released three new Aonic – wired – in-ears. These are able to reduce passive ambient noise through adequate insulation.

Shure has released the Aonic 3, Aonic 4 and Aonic 5 in-ears. All models feature the so-called Aonic Sound Isolation technique. According to the manufacturer, it is designed to reduce ambient noise by 37 percent. If you prefer to use wireless earphones, there is the True Wireless Secure Fit adapter, for which you pay a $189 fee. If you choose go wireless directly, you can save money by buying a kit.

Multiple drivers

Although the three new Shure Aonic’s have many similarities, there are also differences. The Aonic 3 features a balanced Armature driver with bass reflex opening. The Aonic 4 has an Armature per channel and a balanced Armature driver on board. The Shure Aonic 5 (see image above) finally features three hi-res balanced Armature drivers.

Through a removable sound tube the sound can be fine-tuned and adjusted to personal taste. The Shure Aonic 3 costs €215 (bundle with wireless adapter a €379), the Aonic 4 will change owners for €319 (bundle with wireless adapter a €489). For the top-tier model Aonic 5 you pay €529 (or €689 in bundle form with the wireless adapter).

On all models, Shure includes a universal cable with microphone and remote control. Shure also provides a “Fit-Kit” with a variety of fit-pieces. Plus a carrying case.

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