Siltech network cables specifically for audio applications


Siltech has released a new range of network cables optimized for audio applications.

Where most manufacturers of network cables focus on maximum throughput – not entirely illogical of course – Siltech puts the focus on sound quality. According to the manufacturer, the speed for audio applications is not the most important thing, but the consistancy of data flow and data integrity are much more important.

According to Siltech, the accuracy of the transferred data is highly dependent on the cable structure, the materials used and the plugs. A poorly fitting plug, or an incorrect cable construction can cause reflections according to Siltech. Boundary areas of crystals and granules in the conductor materials also cause micro-deformations. And this in turn – Siltech reports – affects the critical clock and volume data.


Siltech already has twenty years of experience in designing network cables. All this knowledge is bundled in the design of the new series of network cables, according to the manufacturer. This consists of two examples, in which we have chosen conductors of our own G9 silver/gold for the Classic Network Cable; the Royal Signature Crown variant has conductors of S8 mono X-Tal silver. Individually shielded wire pairs and Teflon insulation should prevent external interference.

The cables are equipped with plugs with the correct impedance. The Siltech Classic Network Cable costs €749 per meter (€999 for two meters and €125 for half a meter). For the Royal Signature Network Crown Cable (see image at the top of this message) you pay €1349 per meter (€1799 for two meters and €225 for half a meter).

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