Synology DS1621+ with quadcore AMD Ryzen


Synology presented the DS1621+, the latest generation 6-slot DiskStation NAS designed for high performance data storage and management.

The all-new DS1621+ is a compact powerhouse that enables content creators and businesses to easily store and protect large amounts of data, according to manufacturer Synology. The new DS1621+ offers:

  • 76% faster speed in sequential writing of up to 1.1 GB/s*
  • 174% higher speed in random reading 4KB with 110K IOPS*

More than revolutionary

The DS1621+ is by far the most powerful device in the Plus series to date. The quad-core AMD Ryzen processor features the advanced Zen architecture for more than twice the processing power.**

“Our customers rely more than ever on Synology’s storage solutions to store and instantly use important data for both business and private applications,” said Hewitt Lee, director of Synology Product Management Group. “The DS1621+ is designed as a versatile solution that not only provides content creators and collectors with a fast, reliable, high-capacity storage solution, but also simplifies their IT operations with hassle-free backups for PCs and virtual machines

SSD caching

The dual M.2 2280 slots allow NVMe SSD caching to increase performance for frequently consulted data by a factor of 20 or more. The DS1621+ also supports an optional 10GbE NIC*** to enable faster network environments and allow more users at the same time.

World-class storage and protection

DS1621+ features 6 slots with the ability to expand up to 16 slots via expansion units.**** ECC memory support and data integrity features are built into the DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, meaning data is in good hands.

Enterprise-level data protection

DSM comes with various solutions for recovery and backup in the most common situations. Snapshot Replication creates schedulable point-in-time recovery points, making it easy to reverse unintentional file operations and even encryption by ransomware.

For additional remote protection, Synology Hyper Backup provides simple, scheduled protection to back up your data with a Synology NAS, Synology C2 cloud storage, and other public cloud providers. The DS1621+ can also be used to protect data from other sources. Active Backup for Business enables centralized backup from external systems such as PCs, virtual machines, and Google G Suite and Microsoft 365-SaaS.

Endless data management capabilities

A Synology NAS has more to offer than just storage. Users enjoy endless data management possibilities with DSM’s applications,” we read further in the press release. Synology Drive transforms the DS1621+ into a private cloud with no recurring costs. Share your data between different LAN environments, multiple locations, and intelligence, allowing users to go back in time to recover older file versions. Clients are available for mobile, desktop, web, and other Synology NAS systems, giving users multiple ways to access their data.

Photo and Video Management

Catalog photos and videos in new ways with Synology Moments. Moments uses algorithms based on automatic learning, facial recognition, and geotag information to automatically group photos by person, location, and subject. The solution is designed with collaboration in mind: users can edit photos themselves or share them with others and edit them together. The accompanying mobile app is ideal for easily backing up photos and videos from your mobile devices. There is also an extensive music management and playback system.


As of today, the DS1621+ is available from Synology resellers and partners worldwide with an optional warranty of up to 5 years.*****

One note…

* Performance was achieved in the Synology lab with optimized configuration and network settings. Actual performance may vary depending on the environment. Comparison carried out with the DS1618+ with 6 slots of the previous generation. For more information on the test settings, please refer to Synology’s performance page here.

** Processor performance improvement compared to Intel Atom® processor C3538.

*** Compatible NICs include the E10G17-F2, E10G18-T2, E10G18-T1. Refer to the compatibility list for the latest compatible devices.

****Supports either LFF (3.5″) or SFF (2.5″) SATA drives. Refer to Synology’s compatibility list for drive compatibility. The capacity of the DS1621+ can be increased with two Synology DX517 expansion units sold separately.

*****DS1621+ comes with a 3-year limited hardware warranty, which can be extended to 5 years with the optional EW201 Bundle, an add-on for a 2-year extended warranty service.

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