Apple HomePod mini: small and affordable


When Apple’s HomePod first appeared on the market, critics weren’t very happy with the price. The mini is the answer… according to Apple. 

The original HomePod has a price tag of €329 in the European countries where Apple’s smart speaker is available. That is – in our opinion – not a shockingly high price for a good quality speaker with all kinds of extra features. Because the masses, however, mainly look at the price and less at quality, there is now the HomePod mini. This simple version costs only $99 American dollars. You get a compact speaker, including the necessary intelligence. But it is – of course – all a lot less than the large HomePod.

Fewer drivers, simpler SoC

First of all, the Apple HomePod mini has significantly fewer drivers, saving you a lot of money. To compensate for this, Apple uses ‘computational audio’, which makes it sound ‘big’, according to Apple. While the large HomePod has a solid A8 SoC (System on a Chip), the mini works with an S5 that is also used in the Apple Watch. According to the manufacturer, the focus remains on sound quality, unlike the smart speakers from Google and Amazon, for example.


Both the regular HomePod and the HomePod mini are available at the Apple Store, among other stores. And also in various online shops, including some Dutch ones. It is important to pay attention to the prices: if you pay (much) more than the mentioned €329 or $99 you are… well in some way a thief of your own wallet.

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