AudioTools, handy app for audiophiles


The AudioTools app for iOS/iPadOS is a godsend for anyone who wants to measure or calculate his or her hi-fi installation to optimize things.

The AudioTools app is actually a collection of apps for measuring audio equipment. Think of a spectrum analyzer or, for example, a VU-meter or a tool to quickly find out the speaker polarity.

You buy the basic app and then you can add modules you like. Some of the modules offer far-reaching possibilities in the field of room measurement, for example. The disadvantage is that some of these modules are quite expensive, up to a few ‘tens’ (Euro). It is also clear to see that the app was developed by a technician, because less attention has been paid to a ‘slick’ finish. The emphasis is clearly on operation and functionality.

External measuring microphone

Basically you use the internal microphone(s) of your i-device, but if you want to make it completely beautiful, AudioTools’ app maker also offers calibrated external copies. Of course, this will cost you extra money as well. However, this way you will be able to create a very nice multi-functional and especially portable measuring device that will definitely be useful for the audio hobby (or professional work in this field). Also good to know is that the app ‘suite’ has been running for many years and is regularly updated.

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