Bang & Olufsen 95 years: Golden collection

Bang & Olufsen

Hegeman Audio – himself almost 90 years old – states in his recent newsletter that Bang & Olufsen exists 95 years (or almost a century).

In the coming years we are going to see a series of tech companies celebrating their centennial. Bang & Olufsen is almost there with its 95th anniversary. In the illustrious 1920s, radio and similar electronic equipment was similar to what the Internet became in the mid-1990s: a revolution that not only turned the world upside down but also accelerated it. One of the illustrious brands that was established at the time was Bang & Olufsen, says Hegeman Audio in his newsletter:

“It’s almost a century since engineers Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen started producing radios on a small scale in a Danish attic: no one could have imagined that B&O would grow into the exclusive and global provider of the ultimate high-end sound and video products.”

Hegeman started in the attic room

B&O Hegeman, which itself is now almost 90 years old and also started in an attic room, is – as we read on – ‘extremely proud to have been a dealer for so long of the brand that continues to appeal to so many fans around the world with a golden mix of impeccable quality, the latest techniques and controversial design’.

Golden Collection in honor of the anniversary

In honour of the special anniversary year, B&O has put together an exclusive Golden Collection, in which existing products have been designed in a luxurious golden color: these have become eye-catching and unique collector items of which B&O Hegeman proudly offers 5 products in Amstelveen and Bussum: ‘In particular, we would like to draw your attention to BeoPlay H95: these headphones, named after the anniversary, exude nothing but fine class in the color gold. Together with BeoPlay H95 we also offer the following products from the golden collection of B&O: BeoPlay A9, BeoSound 2, BeoPlay E8 3.0 and BeoPlay A1’.

More gold in the barrel

Hegeman concludes: ‘We can probably say that B&O is coming up with more and an entirely new product. Keep an eye on our newsletters. In these special times we are of course at your service in our branches in Amstelveen and Bussum, of course in compliance with RIVM measures. We wish you a golden December month!

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