Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet, isolate it!


Mechanical vibrations can cause annoying phenomena in high-end equipment; Bassocontinuo’s new Ultra Feet offers a helping hand.

Anyone with very sensitive ears will often hear any abnormality. Also abnormalities caused by mechanical vibrations. And we are not referring directly to the piles of that new housing project next to you being driven into the ground, but more to subtle vibrations.

The new Ultra Feet of the Italian Bassocontinuo should reduce unwanted mechanical vibrations in the components placed on it as much as possible. The dampening effect of the Ultra Feet was tested in both a specialized company and the Politecnico University of Mailänder.


The Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet are available in four ‘levels’, ranging from 2 to 5. The Level is linked to the recommended weight, which varies depending on the level from 10 kilos to 80 kilos of load capacity. You can choose from sets with three or four feet. The prices are as follows:

    • Level 2: three pieces €178, four pieces €225
    • Level 3: three pieces €189, four pieces €236
    • Level 4: three pieces €279, four pieces €366
    • Level 5: three pieces €386, four pieces €488

At a later point in time, the entry level 1 model will be added, but it is not yet clear when exactly this will happen. It will in any case be a set for even lighter loads, we guess.

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