Bluesound adds new surround setting


The latest firmware update from Bluesoud adds a stereo surround setting to the menu settings of the Bluesound Soundbar and the Powernode.

Bluesound has announced the addition of a stereo surround setting for the Bluesound Soundbar and Powernode. This through an automatic firmware upgrade (version 3.12) that will be rolled out from November 24th this year. Bluesound owners who use the theatre surround setting for Dolby Digital now get an additional option: a stereo surround setting.

A proprietary technology from sister brand NAD is being used. This makes it possible to play a surround mix even if only a stereo signal is available (Dolby recordings are always played in the original format). According to the manufacturer, the setting provides ‘an extremely natural effect and ensures that you are figuratively immersed in a complete surround experience’.

Naturally present spaciousness

‘Stereo surround’ – as Bluesound explains – ‘extracts the information from the naturally ever-present spaciousness that is present in well-produced stereo recordings. So it does not generate artificial spaciousness or apply other interventions to the original audio signal. This ensures that the end result remains much closer to the original recording, unlike surround simulations used in most other multi-channel home theater systems.

The Bluesound Pulse Soundbar 2i and the Powernode 2i now both offer the possibility to create a completely wireless home theater surround setup, which provides a natural and therefore realistic sound experience.

Subtle but natural

“More and more music lovers are looking for a wireless surround arrangement that still offers a high-quality sound experience in everyday use. The use of stereo surround provides the consumer with a subtle yet extremely natural and spacious reproduction through the rear channels, even if you only have a stereo source at your disposal” said Matt Simmonds, Bluesound product manager.

About Bluesound

Bluesound in its own words: ‘An alliance of audiophiles. We are the designers, developers and music lovers who have been active in the music industry all their lives. The founders were sincere pioneers in the early 1970s. Innovation and the pursuit of perfection in audio reproduction is deeply rooted in our collective DNA. Bluesound’s primary mission is to create innovative wireless audio products and technologies that enable us to get as close as possible to the musical reality of a live performance.

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