Bose presents three new Frames


Bose has released three new Frames; the musical sunglasses with built-in ‘earproof’ drivers.

Disadvantage of any earplug is that you have to put it in the ear and thus shut off a (considerable) part of the ambient sound. The same goes for traditional headphones. Normally you might want that too, but in traffic or during other sports activities, communication is sometimes literally vital.

That’s why these Bose Frames musical sunglasses are and will remain a useful accessory. Three new ones have now been released. The Tempo is primarily intended for sports enthusiasts who want to consume some music while cycling or perhaps hanging on a mountain cliff.

Interchangeable glasses

The new Bose Frames Tenor and Soprano are also great for more everyday use. All glasses have polarized lenses that block up to 99% UV radiation. You can also use other lenses, including orange for medium sunlight, blue for low sunlight and yellow for very low sunlight.

The Tenor and Soprano offer a playing time of 5.5 hours on a fully charged battery. The Tempo plays for up to 8 hours on a full charge. Each version costs €279.95 and in addition to listening to music, you can also choose to make hands-free calls thanks to the built-in microphone that reduces ambient noise and wind noise.

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