Estelon exists 10 years, time for an update


Estelon celebrates its tenth anniversary with an update of the Classic Collection, which now includes six Mk II models.

Estelon, based in Estonia, has been in existence for ten years now. A beautiful milestone that is undoubtedly reason for a party. At the same time it was also time for owner, founder and chief technician Alfred Vassilkov to look at an upgrade of the existing speaker series. After hard work, six new Mk II models can now be found in the Classic Collection.

In addition to a refreshed look, the speakers have also been technically modified. New crossover filters have been developed for all models, and Kubala-Sosna’s new internal cabling should guarantee even better sound.

Six models

The newcomers from the Estelon Classic Collection in a row:

  • X Diamond Mk II, equipped with a new type of Accuton 25 mm diamond tweeter with a frequency range up to 60 kHz and equally new Furutech connectors (also used on all other Mk II models, by the way).
  • XB Diamond Mk II (see picture at the top of this article), with a completely renewed bass crossover filter and equipped with Estelon designed matte black floor spikes or – interchangeable – flat feet.
  • XB Mk II, equipped with, among other things, dark gray drivers that nicely match the stainless steel floor spikes (or – interchangeable – flat feet).
  • XC Diamond Mk II, these tripod speakers are equipped with a new Accuton diamond tweeter, while – as with the other models – a renewed crossover filter including silver-gold oil capacitors and again the Kubala-Sosna pure copper cabling is used.
  • XC Mk II, armed with a new Accuton ceramic tweeter to ensure faster and more realistic sound reproduction.
  • YB Mk II, now also available in a marble-based composite material (the same as in the X Series), which minimises vibration and ensures the purest sound reproduction with improved quality and micro-dynamics.

The full press release with information about the anniversary upgrade of the Estelon Classic Collection can be read here.

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