Focal unveils the new Aria K2 936 speaker


Focal has a brand new speaker ready. It’s based upon the famous Aria series. Say hi to the Aria K2 936 floorstander. Designed and manufactured in France.

The new Focal Aria K2 936 speaker is a new version of the original Aria 936. It features iconic K2 cones and an exclusive ash grey finish. It’s a 3-way system with a modest footprint. According to the manufacturer, the three bass drivers result in “impressive processing of the input power offered”, with equally impressive dynamics. A multi-port PowerFlow system and floor-firing bass port add depth.

As a tweeter, Focal chose an aluminum-magnesium sample. Extremely rigid MDF cabinet construction is designed to minimize unwanted vibration.


The design of the K2 cone in the drivers dates back to 1986. The cone itself is a sandwich of aramid fibers and in recent decades the K2 has been further developed and refined.

The three most important properties for a speaker – stiffness, lightweight, and damping – are all covered by the drivers. The K2 as used in the Aria K2 936 is now a sandwich construction consisting of a layer of aramid fiber, an ultra-light foam layer and finally a fiberglass layer. Interesting is the ash gray color, which actually fits in every interior.

The surface of the speaker is certainly not ‘boring’. If you come closer, you’ll also see the leather-look structure of the cover layer. The Focal Aria K2 936 is available from this month for a suggested retail price of €4000 per pair.


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