Grado releases his first truly wireless in-ears


It took years of development, but finally it’s here: Grado Labs’ first truly wireless in-ear, the GT220.

We’ve written it so many times, but ‘wireless’ in-ears often turn out not to be that wireless at all. Although the tide is slowly turning, there are still many in-ears with a neckband. That neckband keeps the production cheaper, simpler and can hold a larger battery, which sometimes benefits playtime.

Fortunately, the new Grado GT220 is really wireless. At the same time, the caps, when fully charged, offer up to six hours of playing time. The included carrying case also contains a battery, which can be used to charge the in-ears on the go without a power outlet. If the battery in the case – equipped with a nice universal USB-C connection – is also full, it is good for five refueling sessions. By the way, the case can not only be charged via a cable, but also wirelessly.


Grado has taken the time to develop the GT220. Work was done on tuning and fitting their signature mini-drivers. It is also nice that the Grado caps have a capacitive (and therefore sensitive) touchable surface. With the driver on the right side, you control the music playback and with the left one you set telephone and speech. For a set of Grado GT220 in-ears, including the charging case, you pay an amount of $259 U.S. dollars.


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