Grimm Audio rolls out new firmware for MU1

Grimm Audio

If you have a Grimm Audio MU1 streamer (although calling it a streamre is a bit of an understatement), then there is a nice update ready for you.

Grimm Audio announces that it has a new software version for the MU1 ready after months of development time. Although there are some nice novelties at your disposal after installing it, it has mainly been fine-tuning under the hood.

The control system has been completely revamped. Now it should be more compatible with the many function updates the MU1 has been given in the past year(s). The update also leads to a faster and more stable system, reports Grimm Audio.

Improvements and novelties

Roon integration has been further improved. Also, the image build-up on the display is now faster according to Grimm Audio. While thanks to sub pixel rendering everything looks tighter.

Practical is that after installing this update, downloading future updates will be a lot faster.

Truly new features include optional volume control for both AES outputs, a DoP option for DSD DACs, up and down sampling to 96 kHz or 88.2 kHz for systems that do not support a higher sampling frequency, adjustable power LED brightness and support for exFAT, HFS and HFS+ for USB drives.

Finally, a Grimm LS1 detection is provided, which disables the LS1 option in the menu if no LS1 is found. Please read the manual to find out exactly how to install the firmware update for the Grimm Audio MU1. Or click on the download tab on the product page of the device and download the necessary instructions.


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