Gryphon StandArt Hifi furniture launched


Gryphon Electronics has released the StandArt modular Audio furniture system with expansion possibilities in all directions.

Danish High End brand Gryphon Electronics has released a modular audio furniture system. With unlimited expansion possibilities in all directions: the highly flexible and modular design allows both width and height to be easily adjusted to your changing needs.

Layered attenuation

Each board is a triple layered damping sandwich consisting of a Kerrock top board and a high density compressed MDF bottom board, connected by a thin non-resonating adhesive layer of black, highly viscous bitumen for optimal resonance control and mechanical damping. Kerrock is a non-porous, homogeneous material, consisting of a third acrylic resin (also known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA) and two-thirds natural minerals,” we read in Gryphon’s press release.

Gone are unwanted vibrations

Gryphon continues: The sandwich construction dissipates vibrations by absorbing kinetic energy and converting it into low-grade friction heat. Due to its high molecular density, the bitumen layer has energy-absorbing properties roughly equivalent to adding an MDF layer three times its thickness. The differences in thickness and the resonating properties of the three layers provide audibly superior vibration damping. The Gryphon StandArt board has been specially designed as a separate isolation platform for the most vibration-sensitive components (turntables, tube electronics, CD players, etc.) to suppress micro-vibrations of sensitive audio and video components’.

Aluminium Columns

The Gryphon StandArt aluminium columns, available in three different heights (548mm, 800mm and 1124mm) are filled with a custom mix of oven-dried sand particles to enhance the overall performance of the Gryphon StandArt hi-fi furniture and any product placed in the Gryphon StandArt hi-fi furniture. The system is mechanically grounded through the two-layer Gryphon Black Spike ST for optimal grounding and the release of all inappropriate and harmful resonances that would normally smear the sound and cause distortion, the manufacturer informs you.

The Gryphon Aesthetic

The Gryphon StandArt is – as we read further in the press release – ‘carefully designed for maximum utility with a classic, beautiful Gryphon aesthetic without compromising on stability and stiffness. The new modular StandArt racks feature layered damping technology’.

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