Live mass test ‘Tube Amps’ – November 29, 2020

The time has come again! We are going to do a ‘mega-test’: live on Youtube. This time: tube amps! And we’re going to do it right. So with the right speaker, right sources, right setup. We’re going to let those tubes shine! And to top it all off: if all goes well, we’ll complete the test with some great live music! In other words: Tube In… uh… Tune In!

We’re going to do this test again in collaboration with Artone Studio’s. For obvious reasons: atmosphere, acoustics, knowledge, skills, etcetera. It is also quite difficult to let a band play in our own listening room ;-).

So we are going to do the test in the Artone Studio. We are going to use a pair of beautiful Blumenhofer speakers for this test. Both a VPI turntable and our own digital chain of Metrum Acoustics will be used as a source. The idea is that we will also make a recording of the live-band that we will use in the test. This way we can get a pretty good idea of Live VS reproduction. After all, the best reference is live music.

We are going to test some price classes: 4,000 euros to just over 10,000 euros. What jump in quality do you get for the extra money?

    • Line Magnetic LM-845IA – A Tube

The exact types of some models are not yet known. We will complete that as soon as possible.

The Live Video


  1. Hi,
    I have been researching the Ayon V for a potential purchase and just happened across this, Fantastic! Thank You. Nicely done.
    Quick question though. Did I see one of you, just prior to playing vinyl through the Spirit V, disconnect the TT leads from the preamp and plug them into the Spirit? Or did I not see this take place.
    If I did, then the Spirit did not get the benefit of the preamp that all the other amps got in your comparison? Would you consider the Spirit’s internal preamp and the external preamp to be equals?

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