Live Tube Amp tests with live music

Yes! On Sunday 29-11-2020 at 10:00 CET we have another ‘mega-test’ of tube-amps. Live on Youtube. Everything is there: the amplifiers, the beautiful Blumenhofers, the band – Out of Skin – and… a turntable. Yes… a turntable… we go partly Full Analog In other words: Tube In… uh… Tune In!

We’re going to do this test again in collaboration with Artone Studio’s. For obvious reasons: atmosphere, acoustics, knowledge, skills, etcetera. It is also quite difficult to put a band in our own listening room ;-). Furthermore, Music2 has borrowed a pair of beautiful Blumenhofers. Just like a turntable and a Trafomatc E2mk2 to start with.

We also use our own digital streamer and dac made by Metrum Acoustics. The idea is that we make a recording of the live-band that we will use in the test. This way we can get a pretty good idea of Live VS reproduction. After all, the best reference is live music!

In this test we go from 4,000 euros to just over 10,000 euros. This will answer the question: what do you get extra if you invest extra?

The test candidates

The Live Video

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