Microsoft Xbox X also supports HDR10+


According to the rumors – bordering on certainty – the latest Microsoft Xbox X supports HDR10+ in addition to Dolby Vision, good news for owners of Samsung TVs.

Gaming is booming business, not only from the bright financial results recently announced by Microsoft. It’s also reflected in the continued popularity of game consoles. These kinds of devices today have much more to offer than just games. They are increasingly becoming the central hub of home entertainment. So it’s not surprising that several manufacturers are making great efforts in this market. Including Microsoft, with the Xbox X on the verge of jumping (available from tomorrow to be exact).

According to this message on What Hifi (who also found the news elsewhere) this console not only supports Dolby Vision, but also HDR10+. Several television manufacturers support both standards, but Samsung – still a fairly popular TV brand – keeps it at only HDR10+.

What is it used for?

What exactly the Microsoft Xbox X will ‘do’ with HDR10+ is not yet clear. The question whether it will also be used in games, for example, or just for streaming (or vice versa) is not answered at this moment. But every little bit helps, of course, and it makes your Samsung TV just a little bit more versatile again. And oh well, even if it will be used ‘only’ for streaming, film lovers will of course also get their money’s worth.

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