Ruark R1 Mk 4 DAB radio annex phone charger


The new Ruark R1 Mk 4 DAB+ radio is a stylishly designed cube-shaped device that includes a USB-C port.

For anyone looking for a stylish, even classic looking radio, the Ruark R1 Mk 4 may be a nice option. It is a DAB+/FM receiver in an attractive housing. The chassis is acoustically treated to prevent unwanted vibrations as much as possible. At the front you’ll find a handmade wooden grille. And behind it you’ll find Ruark’s own NaturalSound+ driver.

USB-C and Bluetooth

The British Ruark R1 Mk 4 is not only a radio, but thanks to the USB-C connection you can also use it to charge your smartphone. The same port also makes it possible to listen to content from a connected phone. If you prefer to work wirelessly: no problem, because Bluetooth is also available (including support for the AAC codec). Finally, there is a line input, so it must be very crazy if you can’t pair a source. The built-in clock has a backup battery so you will always be up to date.

Speaking of batteries, the Ruark R1 Mk 4 comes standard with mains power. But if you want to use the radio separately, a battery pack called BackPack II is available for £59,99. The Ruark radio itself costs £229, available from next month.

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