Sony PS5 more than ‘just’ game console


The Sony PS5 clearly becomes more than just a gaming console. A range of streaming services of name and fame is also integrated.

Sony has done the trick before, of course. With the introduction of the PS3, it turned out that it was not just a game console. In fact, the playback possibilities of Blu-ray films made it – certainly in the beginning – one of the cheapest possibilities to do so. This month’s PS5 – where PS stands for PlayStation by the way – seems to become a media player as well as a game console. In any case, integrated are Apple TV, Netflix, Twitch (for streaming gameplay), YouTube and Disney Plus. For music lovers, Sony has thought of Spotify. These are services that are available from the first day after the outcome. Undoubtedly more will be added over time.

With or without Blu-ray

Sony has already informed you that Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu and Peacock are on their way. Not all of them are interesting for our region, but good to know in any case. The PS5 will be released in the Netherlands on 19 November. The ‘digital edition’ costs €400; the ‘complete’ version equipped with a Blu-ray player costs €500. Interesting prices, also for lovers of streaming services in particular, who also occasionally want to play a game. And vice versa of course, because the device is still marketed as a game console.

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