Spotify launches app for Apple Watch


With the new Spotify app for the Apple Watch series 3 or later you can now stream stand-alone directly from the tiny wristwatchk without an iPhone.

Well, you probably won’t be able to do anything without an iPhone even when using the new Spotify Watch app. Indoors it is no problem, because there is usually wifi and it works fine. But the Watch does not have a built-in mobile internet modem, so for the data the phone is needed again. Unless you download a playlist of tracks in advance, but that option still doesn’t seem to have been implemented by the streaming service. With a little bit of luck that will come soon, after which you will be able to start a real phoneless jogging session.

Bluetooth headphones

The stand-alone version of Spotify for the Apple Watch was already extensively tested in September, so now a final version is available. It’s just a matter of installing and listening. You’ll pair Bluetooth wireless headphones directly with the Watch, and then move freely through the range of a Wi-Fi network.

Spotify for the Apple Watch is ready and can be installed immediately. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to listen to their music as much as possible without hassle, using a device you already wear around your arm anyway.

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