Van Medevoort renews entire product line

Van Medevoort

No news is good news… in many cases. And it certainly applies to Van Medevoort Audio. Recently they have been quietly working on a complete ‘overhaul’ of their products!

Recently, Van Medevoort Audio has been intensively engaged in ‘completing the development and production of the new ESL unit for the new loudspeaker systems’. “For example”, Van Medevoort explains, “the previous EE unit, also used in the very successful vM EE/EB and the vM EE150, had a length of 100cm, the new element is 125cm long with also an effective membrane width of 50mm, so that’s a surface increase of no less than 25%.”

The ESL construction materials, the audio transformer and the high voltage unit are of course optimized for this unique mid-high unit. The Line-Source ESL forms the basis for the new vM dynamic bass and sub-bass speaker systems.

“The applied bass units have also been completely renewed and have a perfect matching to the mid-high”, Van Medevoort tells us.

The Van Medevoort ED7.2

The Van Medevoort ED7.2 is the reference speaker system with electrostatic mid-high unit. It is a slimline floor-standing model in line source version. Because of its special design, this speaker fits very well in any listening room, the living room and even in a larger living room.

The model is composed of two segments, with the bass cabinet internally equipped with their exclusive anti-resonance sub-bass system. This has further improved the ‘bass’. Less compression, a fuller bass, more openness and tranquility in the midrange area.

The ‘high’ is placed phase-wise next to the ‘bass’, where the ESL unit is equipped with an acoustic lens for greater dispersion and to prevent diffraction. The speakers are supplied as a matched set with left and right models.

“Perfect reproduction quality of any genre of music reproduction at any realistic listening level,” says the press release. More information about Van Medevoort, located in beautiful Maarssen, Netherlands, can be found on their website. Demos are possible by appointment after telephone consultation (+31 (0)639 77 98 99), the price is €4,990 each.

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