Dutch VPRO ‘3voor12’: What will be the Song of the Year?


On Friday, December 4, the 3voor12 Song of the Year will be announced at NPO 3FM, a tradition that has lasted for decades.

For 36 years, listeners, followers and viewers of VPRO 3voor12 have chosen their Song of the Year. This year it is no different: on Friday, December 4, the 3voor12 Song of the Year will be announced on NPO 3FM. This 36th edition will be counted live from #100 to #1 in the 9 hour broadcast on the Dutch NPO 3FM.

Until November 23rd the public can vote via this voting page.

Song of the year 2020 live on NPO 3FM and 3voor12.vpro.nl

This year due to corona unfortunately no festival, but a marathon radio broadcast on Friday December 4, to be followed live from 15.00 to 00.00 on NPO 3FM and via the website: 3voor12. This 9 hour broadcast will count down to the announcement of the Song of the Year 2020. Previous winners include Merol, Kensington, Arcade Fire and Kyteman.


Presentation is in the hands of several 3FM DJ’s. Eva Koreman (Frank & Eva) and Sagid Carter (3voor12 Radio) will unveil the Song of the Year 2020 between 23.00 and 23.57.

The ballot box opens on Thursday evening November 12th and closes live on November 23rd at Frank&Eva on NPO 3FM between 16:00-19:00.

3for12 award

During the 9 hour ‘Song of the Year broadcast’ on December 4, the 3voor12 Award 2020, the prize for the best Dutch album of the year, will also be presented. The jury consists of musicians, music professionals and audience members. Previous winners include Typhoon, De Staat, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Willem and Ray Fuego. The nominees for 2020 are a.o.: Eefje de Visser – Bittersweet, Klangstof – The Noise You Make Is Silent and S10 – Snowsniper.

An overview of the twelve nominees can be found here, more information here. Picture at the top of this article: Eva Koreman and Merol, winner Song of the year 2019 Photo (c) Jelmer de Haas

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