Ausounds truly wireless in-ears with ANC


The new Ausounds AU-Stream ANC in-ears are designed for music lovers and creators alike. Plus, perhaps also for sporty specimens. If you’re a music lover and (or) musician and also happen not to be afraid of a good portion of jogging in the rain, then you’re in the right place with the new in-ears of Ausounds.

Available in four colors (red, gold, black and gray), the AU-Stream ANC are fully wireless, without annoying neckband. Gives you complete freedom when consuming or monitoring homemade music. ANC or Active Noise Cancelling eliminates annoying sounds from the angry outside world. The compact design allows the in-ears to fit completely in the ear without the risk of falling out of the ear, according to the manufacturer.

Water, wind, and sweat resistant

Use the included wireless charging case to refuel the Ausounds AU-Stream ANC in 15 minutes, which is enough for three hours of playing time. Full charging takes 1.5 hours. As drivers, Ausounds has chosen a 9mm titanium three-layer composite film material.

Very handy is that the caps are IPX5 certified, so they can withstand wind and rain. Also sweat is no problem, which makes the whole as promised also very suitable for sports activities. Or a strenuous live concert.

Included with the AU-Stream ANC are silicone earplugs in three different sizes so you will always find a tight fit. Bluetooth 5 provides automatic pairing with sources. Voice activation and hands-free calling complete the product.

The frequency range of the newcomers ranges from 20 Hz to 40 kHz. You pay for the whole an amount of £199.95 British Pounds.

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