dune and warp preamplifiers Roon Ready

The German has announced that its dune and warp preamps are Roon Ready, opening up a whole new world of streaming audio! Not only has announced that preamplifier dune and warp are Roon Ready, you will also get a one year subscription to Roon. That’s a nice start! By the way, the dune and warp are fully balanced preamplifiers, equipped with a 256-step R2R full analog volume control. Furthermore, they are far from ‘just’ preamplifiers, they are complete media players with native DSD and USB-DAC functionality.

More than preamplifiers

As DAC, the Sabre ES9038PRO is used in twin-mono configuration. Optional are ‘high performance’ phono stages. The housing is made of a single block of solid aluminum. If you buy a dune or warp, you will not only get an annual subscription to the aforementioned Roon, but you may also opt for an annual subscription to Qobuz Studio Premier or Tidal HiFi. The dune costs €16,000 and the warp €16,500.

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