Bose QuietComfort in ears get swipe volume control


The Bose QuietComfort in-ears get a firmware update and the ability to adjust the volume via a swipe. The Bose QuietComfort in-ears feature useful features such as active noise cancelling and more. Until now, what was missing was a volume control on the caps themselves. And that’s quite something, isn’t it? It’s inconvenient to keep taking your phone out of your pocket for something so basic! That must have been Bose’s thought, too, given the new firmware that has been released.

At least, is it really firmware? At least it’s an option in the latest version of the Bose Music app for iOS. It makes it possible to adjust the volume via a swipe on the right cap.

Sport Earbuds also participate

The new feature is also available for Bose low-cost Sport Earbuds. Last but not least, Bose has a nice new feature for Noise Cancelling 700 owners using Spotify. They can now start the Spotify app by tapping and holding the right ear cup. In case it looks familiar to you, it’s true because other manufacturers had already invented this trick before. It seems to be the new Spotify start standard.

Anyway, life becomes a little easier and more lazy by all these options.

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