Bugatti Generous active speakers


Bugatti and the German Tidal (which has nothing to do with the streaming service of the same name) have released a special speaker.

To start with, Bugatti and Tidal do not mention a price, as is the case with this kind of ultraluxe goods. It is whispered here and there that these are six-digit amounts. This makes the Bugatti Royale speaker only interesting for a select group of audiophiles who belong to the happy few.

And there, these heavy 160 kilograms each and specially designed speakers, also fit better in the interior. And otherwise you just build an extra listening space around it in your villa with ocean view.

In any case, the Bugatti-Tidal’s have a special appearance. Standard you can choose from a white or black version (Edition Blanc and Edition Noir). But just as Bugatti offers complete ‘customization’ to customers of its cars, you can also customize the speakers to your liking. Choose from a range of materials such as carbon fibre, leather, precious metals, dark aluminium and polished stainless steel.

Music controller

Of course the Bugatti logo is on the front of the speakers, on the back we find the Tidal nameplate. Each speaker features four long-throw subwoofers and two front-facing bass drivers, a ceramic midrange driver and a high-efficiency diamond tweeter (the same as used in Bugatti cars).

As mentioned, they are active speakers. Through the matching ‘music controller’ – a hub, so to speak – you can connect all kinds of available sources and have access to music streaming services.

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