Canton GLE 496.2 AR column with Dolby Atmos


With the GLE 496.2 AR, Canton completes the GLE family. The upright speaker features an upward-firing Dolby Atmos driver.

Canton has integrated Dolby Atmos into one of its passive speakers for the first time. On top of the GLE 496.2 AR – a column – you’ll find an upward-facing driver. This provides the Dolby Atmos elevation channel, which is reflected to the listener. It also features the latest shape of the aluminum-manganese tweeter driver.

A symbiosis of wave guide, new material for the diaphragm and a modified filter ensures that the Canton GLE 496.2 AR has a frequency range from 20 Hz to 40 kHz.

Double woofer

The Canton GLE 496.2 AR is constructed as a three-way bass reflex system. It features two aluminum woofers and an aluminum cone midrange. All you need to do is provide a power amplifier supported by Dolby Atmos. In combination with thise speakers (in a surround-setting) you definately get immersed into the action!

The price of this GLE 496.2 AR is €869 each. You can also choose some nice colors: black or white. Ah well: you will be able to use them in most interiors.

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