Chord Company Bridge reduces HF noise


Chord has released a new plug – the Bridge – which should reduce HF noise. Just plug the thing into a free connector and you’re done. The Chord Bridge is intended for use with devices that have unused power connections. For example, the Naim NDX and NDX 2 suggested by the manufacturer. The ‘short-circuit plug’ (but obviously only for high frequencies…) does its job without you having to look any further.

In limited edition

The gem was put together by hand by Chord. The housing is made of solid aluminum and for the internal wiring, the house’s own Taylon insulation was used. All internal components are molded in resin, which provides even more acoustic insulation.

Only a limited number of the Bridge’s have been made, how many exactly is not known. They are now on sale, but they are running out. For the Chord Bridge you pay a fee of £500 British Pounds. Which makes the target group of this tool immediately clear: the better hi-fi equipment.

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