Chord mini jacket to RCA cable in various lengths


Chord has released a handy cable with a mini jack plug on one side and RCA (tulip) plugs on the other side; ideal for portable equipment. Although fewer and fewer smartphones are appearing on the market with a headphone output, there are still plenty in use. Also portable media players usually have a mini jack headphone and sometimes also a seperate line output. To connect them to a stereo system with traditional cinch inputs, an adapter cable is needed. A flourishing trade, given the many copies that are on the shelves at the various electronics biggrutters. But really decent quality these cables usually do not offer. That’s why Chord released the C-jack. With indeed on one side a mini jack plug and on the other side a set of RCA plugs.

Three lengths

The new Chord C-jack is available in lengths of 0.75 metres a £40, 1 metre a £50 and 3 metres a £70. Despite the relatively low price, you will still find various high-end Cord characteristics. Such as the ARAY conductor technology, first used in Chord’s flagship Saturn T.

Practical is the shielding that must stop annoying HF radiation (wifi, for example). In short: a handy gradient that always comes in handy. We guess that especially the shortest version does fine in combination with your hi-fi set and a portable. At the time of writing not yet available on Chord’s website, by the way.

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