EPOS releases new EPOS Connect App


EPOS released the new EPOS Connect App today. This app is specially designed for the latest flagship, the ADAPT 660, and for its predecessor, the MB 660 headset. The EPOS Connect App allows users to better control their sound environment and make it even more suitable for their work, according to the manufacturer:

“The app was developed by leading technology and audio experts to optimize the user’s sound experience and improve concentration. With a variety of options, users can customise their audio to suit their work”.

More workplaces outside the office

In 2020, the number of workplaces outside the office have increased significantly, with many professionals working at home, on the road or remotely. In these changing environments, communication and concentration are essential to keep work flowing smoothly and efficiently.

With the EPOS Connect App, users can refine call quality and play multimedia fluently. This allows them to take matters into their own hands and optimize their personal audio experience at any workstation.

“The app can be used to block sound with Adaptive ANC or to adjust the level of noise reduction to each user’s personal preferences. Different acoustic modes can also be selected to enhance the user’s audio experience,” says EPOS.

Hear your own voice

The press release sent to us by the manufacturer continues:

“For versatile employees on the go, the app can be used to set sidetone levels so they can hear their own voice and have discreet public conversations. The app also allows users to change the language, activate Smart Pause and set Amazon Alexa as their favorite virtual assistant. So they never have to miss a meeting and only ask for it when they want to start up the internet. Thanks to this smart app, the audio can be controlled via a smartphone using a user-friendly interface. This makes it even easier to personalize audio when changing tasks”.

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