Estelon presents the Forza anniversary edition


Estelon is 10 years old, and as with such milestones, this is not only cause for celebration but also leads to an anniversary edition. The Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition (just scroll down a bit on the linked page) builds on the ‘regular’ Forza introduced in 2019. However, very few copies are released, 10 pairs to be exact.

In terms of finishing, a mix of Black Pearl Gloss with gold accents has been chosen. On the connector panel on the back is the signature of the designer Alfred Vassilkov. The rest is a 4-way system with a sensitivity of 90 dB. It includes two bass drivers, a midrange, and an Accuton tweeter. The bass drivers are custom made, while the tweeter is – possibly – a familiar one. You’ll also find it in the Bugatti Chiron and it reproduces frequencies up to 60 kHz.

Heavy boys

According to Estelon, the rounded shapes of the cabinet prevent diffraction caused by reflection. It also widens the ideal listening zone, or the ‘sweet spot’. Furthermore, the curves combined with special internal ‘rooms’ eliminate cabinet vibrations. What also contributes to a – almost literally – steady sound is the weight of the speaker: 150 kilos!

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