Flux Turbo 2.0 plate piston and brush


Vinyl enthusiasts know the venom of dust and other dirt all too well; the Flux Turbo 2.0 plate vacuum cleaner and brush offer help. Vinyl attracts dust like a magnet. No matter how frugal you are on your record collection and how ‘sterile’ you live: sooner or later dust will spoil your listening pleasure.

Plops, clicks and noise increase: time for a clean-up. But what with? An easy to use device is the new Flux Turbo 2.0 plate vacuum cleaner and brush in one. A handy solution, because with a brush alone you always run the risk of pushing dust particles even deeper into the grooves or spreading them more. With the Flux Turbo 2.0 that risk is already a lot smaller thanks to the vacuum cleaner. It is powered by a powerful motor with a speed of 26000 rpm.

Dry cleaning for new vinyl

Flux also recommends using the dry cleaning method for new records, e.g. using the new vacuum cleaner-brush. Already (longer) used records that have become dirty are better cleaned with a vinyl washer.

The Flux Turbo 2.0 costs €291.46. If you happen to have the first version of this gem already in your possession, then there is good news. You only pay €145.24 if you return the old one. This way it will remain fun and more or less economical for everyone!

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