Google Assistant can now handle wired headphones


Until recently, Google Assistant on Android phones could only handle a limited number of headphones, which has changed.

Until recently, Google Assistant – the search giant’s smart voice assistant – could only be used on a handful of Bose and Sony headphones on your Android phone. That limitation has been removed: now, you can use any wired headset you like. As soon as you plug them in (and you’ve installed the latest version of the Google app), you’ll immediately be presented with the notification that you can chat with the assistant. If you agree, a setup wizard will start. It will ask you for permission to read out notifications, including appointments on the role and text messages.


The new feature costs nothing, as said, it is just installing the latest version of the Google app. When using any smart assistant, always keep in mind that data is forwarded to its provider. Moreover, in the past it has been shown several times that spoken instructions and (fragments of) conversations not intended for the assistant are used for analysis. So it is not really privacy friendly, far from it. And if you walk around with a constantly active voice assistant in your pocket, there is a good chance that many more confidential calls will be ‘intercepted’. Something your boss might not be happy about either.

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