Live Stream Multitest – Floorstanding speakers €4000 – Part 2

It’s time for round two of the big speaker test! We will also do this test live in the Artone Studio’s. With live music. This time Out of Skin is going to provide us with musical entertainment again. In short: again definitely worth the effort. We’re going to make it an Alpha Party again!

We have another beautiful Live Loudspeaker test this Sunday, 10:15 CET.

There is a band eager to play, four – maybe five – crazy beautiful floorstanders to listen to and a great system to power them. Latham Audio has been kind enough to borrow a NAP300 DR and NAC252. With both a separate power supply. In short: pure audio gems. We put another modest Yamaha A-S2200 next to it to listen to how it goes.

Finally, we use our Metrum Acoustics Pavane and Ambre to play music. We are going to do this test in two rounds. This to keep it clear and interesting.

The test candidates for round 2, December 20, 2020:



36Hz – 50 kHz

4 Ohm / 90dB

2 way bass reflex



Martin Logan


35 Hz – 25 kHz

4 OHm / 94 dB

3-way / bass reflex




30 Hz – 22 kHz

7.7 Ohm/ 88.5 dB

2 way basrefl.

MDF / Wood veneer



Stella Esclusiva

42 Hz – 20 Khz

8 Ohm / 89 dB

2-way with passive membrane.



Live Stream Multitest floorstanding speakers from €4000 – Round 2

Check out the first round!

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  1. The Piega 501’s I’ve had for 1 year and the grills do come off, held by magnets
    and sound very different in my room removed.

    I’m a little surprised they were played with grills on and the actual drivers
    incl the ribbon were not visible.

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